Learn how to get perfect hair at home!

The stylists at Maverick West love when our clients walk about of the salon feeling and looking like a million bucks but hate that they can't always recreate the look at home. We do the best we can in the time we have during your appointment but it's hard when you can't get your hands in your own hair with us there to show you how. Enter our 3-part series of classes that is going to allow you to get your hands in your own hair while an experienced stylist is there to make sure you're doing it the way we do! 

The classes will start with the basics like tools, products and body position. We'll work on blow dries in the first class, curling irons and flat irons in the second and then get a little crazy with braids and quick updos in the third. The series will be tailored to each participant's hair type so it is great for all lengths and textures! Each class will run 2 hours. 

On top of getting some awesome styling knowledge, you'll be greeted with wine, champagne and snacks. Particpants also get enjoy 15% off all product purchases made with a class coupon!