Sunny 70's vibe

I have a total sweet spot for 1970s style. I can just imagine my own mama being a teenager in 1975 laying in the Northern California sun with nothing but baby oil to tan that skin (gasp! I know, thank goodness we know about sun screen now) 

  A few years ago I got to do hair and makeup for Darcy Rogers. We shot at this beautiful home in the Oakland hills that was seriously a step into the 70s. It was a perfect sunny day with views of the whole Bay Area. With that setting we knew we needed to create a hazy, laid back glamour for the wardrobe, hair and makeup. Take a look! 

Darcy is still shooting. You can see her beautiful work and thoughtful blog at

Photos: Dary Rogers | Wardrobe: Georgie Perrins | Hair and Makeup Danielle Blanchet