Our Space!

We recently had the wonderful Margaret Helfrich of Margaret Austin Photography take photographs of us and our new space! We couldn't fit ALL of them into the website pages but really wanted to show case her work (and the salon). You can see more of her work here

Sunny 70's vibe

I have a total sweet spot for 1970s style. I can just imagine my own mama being a teenager in 1975 laying in the Northern California sun with nothing but baby oil to tan that skin (gasp! I know, thank goodness we know about sun screen now) 

  A few years ago I got to do hair and makeup for Darcy Rogers. We shot at this beautiful home in the Oakland hills that was seriously a step into the 70s. It was a perfect sunny day with views of the whole Bay Area. With that setting we knew we needed to create a hazy, laid back glamour for the wardrobe, hair and makeup. Take a look! 

Darcy is still shooting. You can see her beautiful work and thoughtful blog at www.darcyrogers.com

Photos: Dary Rogers | Wardrobe: Georgie Perrins | Hair and Makeup Danielle Blanchet 

Citrus Wedding

In February we partnered with Keana Parker to do an amazing citrus and plum boudoir shoot. We used Danielle's backyard and neighborhood park as the backdrop for this moody shoot. We love the classic pin up look with a little bit of a twist!

Hair by Danielle at Maverick West : Photography by Keana Parker : Wardrobe rented from Rent the Runway : Makeup by by Madison McDowell : Florals and design by Bold Love Events