1. unorthodox or independent-minded person

We love the idea that we all have the ability to be a maverick. You can apply it to any field, any personality. It incites a sort of rebellious way of thinking and in a way that's what hair dressing is all about. Looking at the rules and twisting them, breaking them, to create an amazing totally unique look for each client! 

Things we love that you might possibly love too...

strong community, super shiny hair, sustainability, laughing a lot, women supporting women, equality, a good cup of coffee (or latte or cappuccino, basically just give us caffeine), shopping small, big ideas, going green, family and friends, friends that are family, thinking outside the box, fierce conversations, safe spaces, making waves


  So if that sounds good to you, come hang out with us for a while! We would love to see you! 

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